Friday, October 17, 2014

whats the big idea

What’s the big idea?
WALT summarise
Text: First up   Author: David Hill
Read the text and record key words/phrases that answer these questions:
Who? Yuri Gangani

What? He orbited around the and landed at a farm in russia

Where? Kazakhstan launch pad

When? April 1961 7:06
Why? To check if the gravity was right for humans

How? because Yuri wanted go into space.

Summarise the text in 25 words
(Include keywords from the text as well as your words)

launch pad
vostok 1
38 metres
soviet union
pacific ocean
mission control
south atlantic
re entry
first up

Tuesday, September 02, 2014



The production


This is me getting my mocco. Just before the production started on Monday this week.


Friday, August 01, 2014

My Mum.

When I open my eyes she is singing santana and everyday is a different song. At work she has a lot of time on her phone because she has to talk to clients on the phone.  She is an educational person and she loves me to have a great education. My mum is a person who likes to go outside a lot and when its game day she is there on the sideline watching me and cheering me on.

She acts like a proud mum standing tall and nothing getting into her way she is determined in every way to do everything before she can do anything else. This lady is a very physical person to me because she runs around a lot trying to get me ready for school everyday so she is person in my life who moves around a lot but not when she workings only after she’s finished work.
While she is at the phone she pretended to be happy but she really is in a bad mood and that is pretty much all the time. On her break she either goes to johns bakery our she brings her own to work and eats up stairs.
She sometimes gets angry at the people but she just keeps it inside of her because if she yells at  the customer it wouldn’t be good.

Everyday my mum is wearing paua earrings on. Sometimes she wears a necklace that has paua shells on it. Whenever we’re near rocks she loves to go to the rocks and see if there was any Paula's on and thats how much she loves paua.

Friday, July 25, 2014

My holiday.

Have you ever been to inflatable world well I had ? On Thursday the sun was out and they day was good so far. I had to go to a holiday programme the Ymca I had go because mum was working. At the Ymca we did all kinds of fun stuff and today we were going to inflatable world.  

The supervisor lady that takes care of us put us into some groups.
I was in the with all the kids that are naughty they were all annoying and talking each other they asked if all the kids could quiet down. They didn’t they all got just louder so we all just went on the bus. Then everyone was just talking and singing but I just slept through it all the sound didn’t matter but I just did it.

When we got to inflatable world the supervisor had to go in and see if there were any room for us there in inflatable world and when she came back in the bus she said” that we can’t go in yet because there is too many people in there right now” so we wait for 10 minutes then we went in but first we had to put on some bands so the people know that were there and we paid to come in.

In inflatable world I played on everything there the inflatable climbing wall there the boxing ring with the sumo suits and the fat boxing glove and this game called discus but instead of throwing you had to run and but a discus on a number. It was fun there and that was my second time going because I went once with cousin for his birthday. At the end when we were leaving someone brought money everyone was telling him to put in the money for a game of air hockey but just no but in a yelling voice.

At Inflatable world I had the best time than last time and thats because I had some friends there this time so I hope A good time at inflatable world when you go.

Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Cloud lesson

Have you ever wondered how clouds are made? So they are made by a 200,000,000,000 year old man with no teeth and he lives in an old house with a steam engine power source that makes clouds out of air.

You have to make a shape and then KAPOOF!!! the shape will come out and all over the world. They all are powered by a air and steam  a magnifying glass shape and then took the glass out and put it on the the steam engine and then they come out all humpy.

Then a boy came to his great,great,great,great,great,great grandfather house and he broke the machine. It took him 3 days to finish it then took the magnifying glass and made another shape. The old man turned it on and it made different shapes and it was a cool day for the old man the boy made  more shapes and they had the best day of their lives.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Reflection on this year.


My favorite thing about this year is going on the  Waka and the Planetarium visit.

The Planetarium was an amazing experience learning about the stars and what they use in space. The thing I liked about that whole) adventure is learning about the constellations and where they all are. Room 10 and Room 7 got split into groups and did something different to the other class. Room 10 went into the stargazing area first and Room 7 watched a video of people in space. One of the guys that worked there showed us and told us what constellations are what their names where and where every single one is. One of the guys that were there said “ if you look up into the sky you will be able to see the constellation and the southern cross  and there is also where the false cross”.

The waka was painful but still was fun, learning what the maori used in war and what the weapons were called and what each weapon was able to do and what how you use them.   

The thing that I have improved on the most is writing and spelling because last year I was spelling words fast and now I’m slowing that down. Last year my writing didn’t have any punctuation and not much vocabulary but now I’ve got all that stuff in.

Matriki workshop

                  Rakau                                                Flax flower                                                                         Flax flower 2.JPG6311959_orig.jpg
               Matariki workshop.                                       
On Tuesday the kauri hub did a Matariki workshop for the day ,it was fun. We all had to do three thing one before morning tea then one after morning tea and one after lunch. What was my favorite thing on that day?                                

My first one was weaving .I didn’t get to finish mine because It got split into a half. It was fun because the way it looked when someone finished was cool so did one and was good.

After Morning tea I did rakau with a teacher . That was the best because I knew the lyrics of by heart and what to do with the rakau because Kapa haka did the rakau as well.

then after Lunch I did maori games with whaea emma . We had to do an obstacle course it was hard because we had to swing a poi while we did it. We had to zigzag through some cones then jump some hurdles and go under some ropes. After we went twice we had to do it with rakau and tap them while you’re running but the first bit was hard but then once we got a hang of it was pretty easy but we came last for the first time. but we still won the first two ones so that was cool.

my favorite thing on that day was doing the rakau after morning tea because I knew the song and what to do.

Matariki is a day that maori people celebrate every year because is it is a maori new year and matriki is a star .

Friday, June 13, 2014

Isaiah's nightmare

Isaiah's Nightmare.

My idea behind my image or picture is that Isaiah the main character is dead and someone is getting grabbed by a tree branch  that looks like a hand and there is little cottage in the forest all alone where no one can find it but the family that lives in it.what is the age limit for this book?

Firstly, this book is about a boy named Isaiah and his family lived in a cottage and Isaiah is dead everyone was crying and when I wrote this book I wanted people to get a picture in there head and try and see what it will be like to be there.

Secondly,My title explains what the book is about. My book title also jumps at you and tells you what age is required to read this book.

Thirdly, this book is for people that like a little mystery in there books  that they read and people that like a little scariness in their  books .

Finally, to answer my initial question,the age limit for this book is 9+ and over because I think that is a good age limit for kids and adults.It apeals to kids because this book has lots of mysterious and is scary and thats what some people like there in the books they read.

By Jared Anderson.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Kindness boomerang

The Kindness Boomerang.

At the supermarket in Australia I was shopping with mum and then I found a wallet. It had a name on it and I returned it into the main desk  then mum and I kept on shopping I hope someone went to the main desk and ask if a wallet came in.

The kindness Boomerang is when you do something
for someone then it comes back to you.

Once I was walking and I fell down then a man came bye and helping me up I said “thank you for helping me up then carried on walking''.

My Kauri Tree


Our solar system.

Our Solar System has nine planets and they are  Mercury,Venus,Earth,Mars,Jupiter,Saturn,Uranus,Neptune and pluto (pluto is a dwarf planet) we have over 100 moons in our solar System. The sun is not a planet it is a star .
Where did the name Uranus come from?

Our Solar System has 9 planets. We have two parts of the Solar System the inner solar System and the outer solar System.The inner solar System is Mercury,Venus,Earth and Mars and they are called terrestrial planets and the outer solar system are Jupiter,Saturn Uranus and Neptune and they are called gas giants and the force of the sun bring all the planets together and  that no living thing on earth can survive without the sun.        
There more than 300 thousand star in the milky way galaxy. out of those 300 thousand star there are Constellations and they are pictures in the sky  .There more than 10 constellations and can you tell them all. They are Leo the lion, Scorpio the scorpion, Sagittarius the bowman,Cancer the crab,Libra the scales,Taurus the bull,memoranda the Greek princess,Virgo the young maiden, Capricorn the sea goat,Delphinus the dolphin,Gemini the twins,Cygnus the swan,Aquarius the water bearer,Ursa major the bear,Pegasus the winged horse,Aries the Ram,Pisces the fish,Orion the hunter, the big dipper and Aquila the eagle and that is all the constellations in the our galaxy.

Finally, we have 146 moons in our solar System. Venus and Mercury have No moons but earth does. Earth has 1 moon,Mars has 2 moons, Jupiter has 63 moons,Saturn has 31 moon ,Uranus has 27 moons and Neptune has 13 moons and that is all the 164 moons.

To answer my initial question, Uranus is a Roman god of the sky I know that's because all the gods that are Roman are named after what there power is and what they are able to do.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014


The Forty Coats Man.
By Jared Anderson
The main character Jerri is new to the countryside and finds a man running down her next door neighbor's house then disappeared and she wants to know who it was so she tries to find the person then pecs though the window of a house and sees a shadow in the window.

The book's strength is that it grabbed your attention from the beginning and the book is great.

My response is that it had lots of good words. Every word I read I just wanted to more and more.The book was great and I loved the whole thing.   

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Camp roil

In the morning I got up so excited I could run a marathon. I was going to camp today . I got all my stuff together and put on my day pack then went to the car and waited for mum to open it.

When we got there I got all my stuff out of the car and went to class. I put all my stuff in the cloak bay and put all my stuff down and went to play.When the bell rung I ran to class so we can do the roll. After the roll we went over rules at camp.

Day one at camp:
We all got into our drivers car and headed off to the Waka at Clive river.At clive river we had some morning tea and put on our life jackets.After we put on our life jackets on we lisened to the man for 20 minutes and that is ages about the boat nagti kahungunu.On the waka the man shouted out words in maori.We had to turn the  waka twise and It was an amazing experince.Then after that we where allowed to take a photo with the weapons there and I was the 2nd person to hold a weapon and take a photo.

After the waka we went to the park in napier next to the Hot Chick and had lunch there and played on the playground. We were also allowed on the rocks to find some crabs.Heith found the biggest crab.

After the playground our driver took us to the napier port to go fishing.    
I used brees sisters fishing rod and then brees mum put a hook on the fishing rod and then I started fishing. I nearly got a fish but it slipped off the hook but then I kept trying to catch another fish but I failed to get one up.

After fishing we finally went to camp Roil. At camp Roil we had to set up our bivouac and get our stuff out of the trailer and put into our bivouac.My sleeping group was Jadyen,Ethan, and I.We had to put our matrises out and put our sleeping wear on our matrises.

After we put all our stuff into our bivouac we started to cooking our dinner with our team my is braeden,kyrah,bree,Heith and I. For our dessert we had an orange chocolate muffin the orange was the outside of the muffin and for our dinner we had  burgers and some potato chips.We put our orange chocolate muffins on the campfire.

After we had our dinner and dessert we had to go to sleep and not wake up until 7:00 in the morning and not allowed to waking up any later then that so we all went to sleep some of us looked at our stuff and that was wet so Ethan and I had to sleep in the tent so our stuff can’t get wetter.

Day two at camp:
After our long sleep we all woke up and some people got up a little later so and it was 6:45 in the morning so we all went and play outside and play on the bikes at Camp Roil and some of us played handball with a basketball there and some of us just    
walked around.

After we played we started cooking our breakfast our team had spaghetti on french toast and eggs.We cooked it on our stove and it took a while to cook but in the end it was still nice.

After our breakfast we did the Amazing Race. Our first challenge we had to make a human pyramid and then when we finished Heiths mum had to take a photo of it .After that one of our teammates had to eat a little cup fill of rice bubbles and find 2 happy faces on the bottom my team was the 2nd team to get a kayak and go to the stream with a paddle.We forgot our lifejacket so I had to go back to the shed to get a life jacket but there was no more left so I went back to the stream and The Kings had 2 life jackets so Jagdip gave me his so we can  kayak in the river and I got in so I paddled as fast as I could and just got there before The Kings then I got out and Bree got in the kayak and paddled backwoods to the a checkpoint and it was a puzzle so Heith made it was one of those plane ones and we finished in 5 minutes.Then Heith got inside the kayak and paddled all the way down the stream to the end then we ran through the cation tape and came 3rd.

After we did all our team stuff we headed off to FLAX ROCK in flaxmere the man there told us how to be safe while we were climbing then we did some bouldering which is when you go around the rocks then some of the liter people got hooked onto a harness and started climbing. After everyone had a turn at bouldering we got into groups and then we all started climbing Nazareth was 1st person to the
top and I was 2nd person to make it up to the top and on every climb I made it up to the top so that was good for me.

By Jared.Anderson

my letter



Dear: Aaron

Thank you for letting us climb at Flax Rock. We all had fantastic time there and we all appreciate what you did for us and we all enjoyed you being their to keep us safe very much.

My favorite thing was climbing at Flax Rock with you. It was fun because it was my first ever time rock climbing so it was fun but also scary at the same time but I knew that you or an adult would be there just incase I wanted to come down.

I really wanted to thank you once again for letting us climb at Flax Rock so I give all my appreciation for what you did for us.  We all had a amazing time and it was fun you being there so thank you again for letting us climbing at Flax Rock.

Kind regards,

Jared Anderson.

Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Kakapo explaination

Kakapo are the heaviest parrot in the world and are flightless and is the only nocturnal parrot.

A Kakapos habitat is in the tree’s to the get up the tree’s to their nest they need use their beaks, their beaks are strong as well as their feet.The kakapo is known for that it lives from the far north island to the south of the south island.From the sea-level to the near top of the mountain.

The kakapo can live up to 95 years in counting.Kakapos favorite food
is Rimu berry’s and eats other food like:
  • fruit
  • seed
  • bark
  • bulbs
stems and root
and one of the derivative thing that they eat in little squares.Kakapos have an unusual breeding system, called a 'lek' system. Males gather on display grounds.

The Kakapo can live up to 95 year and counting and is endangered.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Henry Hudson

Henry Hudson was a famous explorer and most known for mapping Hudson river and the north Atlantic.

He was born in the near city of London in the 1560 or 1570 and had a wife named Katherine and three sons named John,Oliver,and Richard. Henry Hudson died in 1611 or 1612.

Henry Hudson first expedition  was in May 1607.His boat was called the Hope well and his crew including his 16 year old son John. He sailed up north up the coast of Greenland and found an island called Spielberg.

Henry Hudson was an English navigator who tried to find a route from Europe to Asia. Henry Hudson made four expedition and tried on his last expedition tried to find a route through the ice and tried for 2 months but failed again. Henry told his crew to let him off the boat and keep trying to find a route so they let him off ,his son and 7 other Crew mates on a boat .

People say that Henry Hudson died and froze to death or his crew killed him to eat.     

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The White Lab Situation.
 I heard the dog running along the beach . 
I heard the ball fly after we threw it . 
I saw the white lab follow us as my cousin and I walked up to the camper. 
I saw the dog go into the water and try and find it’s ball.
 I felt sorry for the dog because the ball was lost.
 I felt the dog and it’s wet furr.
 I wondered how the dog felt.
 I wondered if I could do anything.