Monday, March 10, 2014

Henry Hudson

Henry Hudson was a famous explorer and most known for mapping Hudson river and the north Atlantic.

He was born in the near city of London in the 1560 or 1570 and had a wife named Katherine and three sons named John,Oliver,and Richard. Henry Hudson died in 1611 or 1612.

Henry Hudson first expedition  was in May 1607.His boat was called the Hope well and his crew including his 16 year old son John. He sailed up north up the coast of Greenland and found an island called Spielberg.

Henry Hudson was an English navigator who tried to find a route from Europe to Asia. Henry Hudson made four expedition and tried on his last expedition tried to find a route through the ice and tried for 2 months but failed again. Henry told his crew to let him off the boat and keep trying to find a route so they let him off ,his son and 7 other Crew mates on a boat .

People say that Henry Hudson died and froze to death or his crew killed him to eat.