Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Kindness boomerang

The Kindness Boomerang.

At the supermarket in Australia I was shopping with mum and then I found a wallet. It had a name on it and I returned it into the main desk  then mum and I kept on shopping I hope someone went to the main desk and ask if a wallet came in.

The kindness Boomerang is when you do something
for someone then it comes back to you.

Once I was walking and I fell down then a man came bye and helping me up I said “thank you for helping me up then carried on walking''.

My Kauri Tree


Our solar system.

Our Solar System has nine planets and they are  Mercury,Venus,Earth,Mars,Jupiter,Saturn,Uranus,Neptune and pluto (pluto is a dwarf planet) we have over 100 moons in our solar System. The sun is not a planet it is a star .
Where did the name Uranus come from?

Our Solar System has 9 planets. We have two parts of the Solar System the inner solar System and the outer solar System.The inner solar System is Mercury,Venus,Earth and Mars and they are called terrestrial planets and the outer solar system are Jupiter,Saturn Uranus and Neptune and they are called gas giants and the force of the sun bring all the planets together and  that no living thing on earth can survive without the sun.        
There more than 300 thousand star in the milky way galaxy. out of those 300 thousand star there are Constellations and they are pictures in the sky  .There more than 10 constellations and can you tell them all. They are Leo the lion, Scorpio the scorpion, Sagittarius the bowman,Cancer the crab,Libra the scales,Taurus the bull,memoranda the Greek princess,Virgo the young maiden, Capricorn the sea goat,Delphinus the dolphin,Gemini the twins,Cygnus the swan,Aquarius the water bearer,Ursa major the bear,Pegasus the winged horse,Aries the Ram,Pisces the fish,Orion the hunter, the big dipper and Aquila the eagle and that is all the constellations in the our galaxy.

Finally, we have 146 moons in our solar System. Venus and Mercury have No moons but earth does. Earth has 1 moon,Mars has 2 moons, Jupiter has 63 moons,Saturn has 31 moon ,Uranus has 27 moons and Neptune has 13 moons and that is all the 164 moons.

To answer my initial question, Uranus is a Roman god of the sky I know that's because all the gods that are Roman are named after what there power is and what they are able to do.