Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Reflection on this year.


My favorite thing about this year is going on the  Waka and the Planetarium visit.

The Planetarium was an amazing experience learning about the stars and what they use in space. The thing I liked about that whole) adventure is learning about the constellations and where they all are. Room 10 and Room 7 got split into groups and did something different to the other class. Room 10 went into the stargazing area first and Room 7 watched a video of people in space. One of the guys that worked there showed us and told us what constellations are what their names where and where every single one is. One of the guys that were there said “ if you look up into the sky you will be able to see the constellation and the southern cross  and there is also where the false cross”.

The waka was painful but still was fun, learning what the maori used in war and what the weapons were called and what each weapon was able to do and what how you use them.   

The thing that I have improved on the most is writing and spelling because last year I was spelling words fast and now I’m slowing that down. Last year my writing didn’t have any punctuation and not much vocabulary but now I’ve got all that stuff in.

Matriki workshop

                  Rakau                                                Flax flower                                                                         Flax flower 2.JPG6311959_orig.jpg
               Matariki workshop.                                       
On Tuesday the kauri hub did a Matariki workshop for the day ,it was fun. We all had to do three thing one before morning tea then one after morning tea and one after lunch. What was my favorite thing on that day?                                

My first one was weaving .I didn’t get to finish mine because It got split into a half. It was fun because the way it looked when someone finished was cool so did one and was good.

After Morning tea I did rakau with a teacher . That was the best because I knew the lyrics of by heart and what to do with the rakau because Kapa haka did the rakau as well.

then after Lunch I did maori games with whaea emma . We had to do an obstacle course it was hard because we had to swing a poi while we did it. We had to zigzag through some cones then jump some hurdles and go under some ropes. After we went twice we had to do it with rakau and tap them while you’re running but the first bit was hard but then once we got a hang of it was pretty easy but we came last for the first time. but we still won the first two ones so that was cool.

my favorite thing on that day was doing the rakau after morning tea because I knew the song and what to do.

Matariki is a day that maori people celebrate every year because is it is a maori new year and matriki is a star .

Friday, June 13, 2014

Isaiah's nightmare

Isaiah's Nightmare.

My idea behind my image or picture is that Isaiah the main character is dead and someone is getting grabbed by a tree branch  that looks like a hand and there is little cottage in the forest all alone where no one can find it but the family that lives in it.what is the age limit for this book?

Firstly, this book is about a boy named Isaiah and his family lived in a cottage and Isaiah is dead everyone was crying and when I wrote this book I wanted people to get a picture in there head and try and see what it will be like to be there.

Secondly,My title explains what the book is about. My book title also jumps at you and tells you what age is required to read this book.

Thirdly, this book is for people that like a little mystery in there books  that they read and people that like a little scariness in their  books .

Finally, to answer my initial question,the age limit for this book is 9+ and over because I think that is a good age limit for kids and adults.It apeals to kids because this book has lots of mysterious and is scary and thats what some people like there in the books they read.

By Jared Anderson.