Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Matriki workshop

                  Rakau                                                Flax flower                                                                         Flax flower 2.JPG6311959_orig.jpg
               Matariki workshop.                                       
On Tuesday the kauri hub did a Matariki workshop for the day ,it was fun. We all had to do three thing one before morning tea then one after morning tea and one after lunch. What was my favorite thing on that day?                                

My first one was weaving .I didn’t get to finish mine because It got split into a half. It was fun because the way it looked when someone finished was cool so did one and was good.

After Morning tea I did rakau with a teacher . That was the best because I knew the lyrics of by heart and what to do with the rakau because Kapa haka did the rakau as well.

then after Lunch I did maori games with whaea emma . We had to do an obstacle course it was hard because we had to swing a poi while we did it. We had to zigzag through some cones then jump some hurdles and go under some ropes. After we went twice we had to do it with rakau and tap them while you’re running but the first bit was hard but then once we got a hang of it was pretty easy but we came last for the first time. but we still won the first two ones so that was cool.

my favorite thing on that day was doing the rakau after morning tea because I knew the song and what to do.

Matariki is a day that maori people celebrate every year because is it is a maori new year and matriki is a star .

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