Friday, July 25, 2014

My holiday.

Have you ever been to inflatable world well I had ? On Thursday the sun was out and they day was good so far. I had to go to a holiday programme the Ymca I had go because mum was working. At the Ymca we did all kinds of fun stuff and today we were going to inflatable world.  

The supervisor lady that takes care of us put us into some groups.
I was in the with all the kids that are naughty they were all annoying and talking each other they asked if all the kids could quiet down. They didn’t they all got just louder so we all just went on the bus. Then everyone was just talking and singing but I just slept through it all the sound didn’t matter but I just did it.

When we got to inflatable world the supervisor had to go in and see if there were any room for us there in inflatable world and when she came back in the bus she said” that we can’t go in yet because there is too many people in there right now” so we wait for 10 minutes then we went in but first we had to put on some bands so the people know that were there and we paid to come in.

In inflatable world I played on everything there the inflatable climbing wall there the boxing ring with the sumo suits and the fat boxing glove and this game called discus but instead of throwing you had to run and but a discus on a number. It was fun there and that was my second time going because I went once with cousin for his birthday. At the end when we were leaving someone brought money everyone was telling him to put in the money for a game of air hockey but just no but in a yelling voice.

At Inflatable world I had the best time than last time and thats because I had some friends there this time so I hope A good time at inflatable world when you go.

Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Cloud lesson

Have you ever wondered how clouds are made? So they are made by a 200,000,000,000 year old man with no teeth and he lives in an old house with a steam engine power source that makes clouds out of air.

You have to make a shape and then KAPOOF!!! the shape will come out and all over the world. They all are powered by a air and steam  a magnifying glass shape and then took the glass out and put it on the the steam engine and then they come out all humpy.

Then a boy came to his great,great,great,great,great,great grandfather house and he broke the machine. It took him 3 days to finish it then took the magnifying glass and made another shape. The old man turned it on and it made different shapes and it was a cool day for the old man the boy made  more shapes and they had the best day of their lives.