Friday, August 01, 2014

My Mum.

When I open my eyes she is singing santana and everyday is a different song. At work she has a lot of time on her phone because she has to talk to clients on the phone.  She is an educational person and she loves me to have a great education. My mum is a person who likes to go outside a lot and when its game day she is there on the sideline watching me and cheering me on.

She acts like a proud mum standing tall and nothing getting into her way she is determined in every way to do everything before she can do anything else. This lady is a very physical person to me because she runs around a lot trying to get me ready for school everyday so she is person in my life who moves around a lot but not when she workings only after she’s finished work.
While she is at the phone she pretended to be happy but she really is in a bad mood and that is pretty much all the time. On her break she either goes to johns bakery our she brings her own to work and eats up stairs.
She sometimes gets angry at the people but she just keeps it inside of her because if she yells at  the customer it wouldn’t be good.

Everyday my mum is wearing paua earrings on. Sometimes she wears a necklace that has paua shells on it. Whenever we’re near rocks she loves to go to the rocks and see if there was any Paula's on and thats how much she loves paua.

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  1. wow Jared your writing is very good especially your describing keep up the great work!!!