Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Moving to NZ .

Moving to new Zealand.
RING RING!! it was 7:45 (Australian time) I had just woken up and mum was packing to go back to her home  Hastings, New Zealand. Mum made me rush because I forgot to pack the night before. I ran all around trying to get everything into my suitcase so I can get my stuff into the car.

I was bit nervous because I had to go to a new school and meet new people (that's something I’m good with). I loved my home and my family in Aussie. all the new things that I had learn and do and the standards that I had to reach ..

It took a long time because for some of the things I needed they were in places I didn't think of. I left most of my stuff in my room then some on the clothes line and other places around the house . After 10-15 mins I finally found everything and then we were ready.

We were both in the car and ready to go we said goodbye to everyone and started a new adventure in Aotearoa new Zealand. Goodbye Australia hello new Zealand.