Saturday, September 12, 2015

Night walk/Camp Kiatawa

Night walk "BOO!"

Everything is pitch black with a little light I can’t see anyone , there we all are wondering where to go and where our feet should be. I’m scared I hope there's going to be nothing there where we are. We all are freaked out and I think, is there something behind that bush or is it just me. I hear a rattle then I say “ what was that ” then from nowhere Kane jumps out and scares all the boy and girls ROOOAAARRR!! and we all jump in fright and that's just the beginning of it.

We kept walking slow on into the thick bush and there was a word on a tree and it was pointing somewhere, we read it and then we carried on. We kept finding more every time we walked forward we read it out and it was a message that we had to find out. It was a tricky one because people didn't remember there line and words.

So everyone was done and we were the last group but as I said it was not over for the scares as soon as we came out of the bush on the other side Kevin and I thought Kane’s here trying to scare us but then he just jumps out and says “ Michael Noonan is here” the girls get scared but Kevin and I knew he was there but for this competition we lost by a long shot.  

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