Tuesday, September 01, 2015


On a dark and starry night I wait for this marshmallow to roast over the hot steaming fire and become nice and fluffy on the outside but warm and gooey on the inside. I suddenly hear a crack of a stick, I wonder in terror what can it be , I slowly turn around with fright.

Suddenly, I hear the rippling of the water and I just think it is frog hopping along then I hear a loud growl and I slightly turn my head just enough to see what was going on behind me. A big hairy wolf with teeth shining like diamonds and a body with fish 
scales and murky water on his chest had pierced his eyes on me. I turn my body fully and try to back him off with my stick but he was looking at something and then his eyes changed shapes. He was looking at my roasted marshmallow.

He starts to play around like he was a playful puppy and while he jumped I threw the marshmallow and he snapped at it like a fish. I tried to get another one out of the packet and I could only feel one left and as soon as it was in the open he chomps my hand but just takes the marshmallow. He looks at me for more but there was none left. He looks at me with a poor face and now he has changed his mode and now it was to kill me. I run to my tent and he looks at me and now he has clamped me down. Is there a way that I distract him or will be the end for me…?

I just got away in the nick of time because my distraction worked I pulled out my pillow and then the cute wolf puppy was back I give him the pillow ( because they look like marshmallows) and run back to the camp I will never ask to go camping for a school holiday trip again because of that memory.

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