Saturday, September 12, 2015

Tyre Chair.

This is my Tyre chair and I love sitting in it ( you can tell )

This chair is made out of 4 types of Tyre's 
RV,motorbike,bicycle and truck Tyre's. The main frame is made out of the inner rim of a truck Tyre this is because they have high tensile wire in them which makes them really strong. the woven areas are made from motorbike and bicycle Tyre's .The head rest and arm rest is made from the front wall of a truck Tyre. Finally the back rest was made from an inner rim of a RV Tyre.
Tools need:

  • one heavy duty craft Knife 
  • one jigsaw
  • one angle grinder
  • one permanent marker
  • -one measuring tape
  • muscle  

It took approximately 8 hours and the cost was $7 which was for the screws to assemble.   

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